The Making of “iPhone 4S” ringtone, featuring Siri

Posted: February 7, 2012 in iPhone 4s and Siri...Mr. Mike's creative collaborations
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I really had fun making this video and creating this ringtone. Siri, the new personal assistant featured in the new IPhone, is shown here dictating the lyrics as I record her voice into my music workstation. I eventually synchronize her lyrics to fit the music, and we come up with a pretty cool song which boasts of the iPhone 4S being the best smartphone on the market. I’ve tried to contact Reps at, because I think this vid and song could be a great marketing ploy for the iPhone 4S. Still no luck, but I’ll keep promoting!!!

Making of “iPhone 4S” ringtone, featuring Siri

  1. UGFL says:

    Cool stuff. Siri frustrates me. How did you get it to say the lyrics? I just switched siri off because it never gets anything right!

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