My buddy Sean Fitzpatrick, owner of Grafitz Media Marketing and FYIHuntington, invited me to the banquet for the 9th Annual Appalachian Film Festival, held at Huntington’s historic Keith Albee Theater, which is also a great location for photography, with all of the lights and traffic in Huntington’s 4th Ave entertainment district. Sean, an avid photographer, decided to take some shots of me that night. I love them…they make me look like I’m someone important!





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I remember when the arcade game ‘Pac Man‘ came out in the early ’80’s. I definitely had the Atari 2600!!! I loved Pac Man, but honestly I was terrible at it. A score and several years later, who knew that my passion for producing music would be coupled with my love for Pac Man to produce a cool video for you to watch?!!! As you know by now, I approach my beat making videos from a unique angle, as opposed to just searching for sounds in my workstation. Here, along with some stock sounds from the Neko, I use iPhone apps to help create a remix of the original Pac Man theme music. I could explain to you exactly what was done, but you should click the link below and check it out for yourself!!! Share the video with your friends! Comment! Tell me what you think!!!

Pac Man Theme Remixed With iPhone Apps

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Well, I’ve seen tons of beat making videos and tutorials, which I really enjoy watching. As I make my own said videos, I challenge myself to be a little more creative, rather than just sitting at my workstation, going through sounds. Now I know that YOU probably sing as well as I do in the shower, but since my creativity leans more towards the production side, rather than being the vocalist, I figured the acoustics in the bathroom, which often lead us to believe that our singing sounds better than it actually does, could still possibly contribute to a masterpiece…if not sonically, maybe masterpiece theater. So I won’t talk your head off, although me being a newbie to WordPress pretty much guarantees that I’m writing this post just for myself…I guess it still feels rewarding, knowing that these words I type on my iPhone can possibly be consumed by millions of people that love my music…anyways if you have a spare 7 minutes, observe my creativity!!! Share it with your friends! Lemme know what you think!!!

Funky Beat Made In Bathroom???

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Same premise as the “IPhone 4S” ringtone, Siri and I create another cool video and ringtone. Fat Patty’s is my favorite restaurant here in Huntington, WV, and I frequent the spot so often that I’ve become pretty cool with most of the wait staff. Great food, great prices, and really friendly staff.
Click the link below to see the video!!! Comment and tell me what you think!!!I Love Fat Patty’s (Making of ringtone)

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I really had fun making this video and creating this ringtone. Siri, the new personal assistant featured in the new IPhone, is shown here dictating the lyrics as I record her voice into my music workstation. I eventually synchronize her lyrics to fit the music, and we come up with a pretty cool song which boasts of the iPhone 4S being the best smartphone on the market. I’ve tried to contact Reps at, because I think this vid and song could be a great marketing ploy for the iPhone 4S. Still no luck, but I’ll keep promoting!!!

Making of “iPhone 4S” ringtone, featuring Siri

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Do you guys know what this is?

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